1.Elle is a teacher. She _____ history to high school students.
2.They _____ a new department store right now.
3.‘Where are my cats?’ ‘I have no idea. I _____ them.’
4.The weather is fine today, but it _____ last night.
5.Our class _____ the new science teacher yet.
6.We moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago. We _____ in Australia.
7.Blake is going to Bangkok next Tuesday. He _____ with some friends.
8.It _____ when I reach Singapore.
9.By tomorrow we _____ our project.
10.Form a passive sentence with the following words: English / speak / around the world
11.Change the following sentence into a passive sentence: The students had organised a party.
12.Would you like _____ on a drive around the lake?
13.When I’m lonely, I enjoy _____ a good novel. It’s comforting.
14.The speaker is so far away from me that I _____ her.
15.I can stay up all night because I _____ go to work tomorrow.
16.Write the plural form of the following word: monkey
17.Complete the following sentence with an appropriate compound noun: A department store in Bangkok is _____ .
18.Where are the scarves? I don’t know where I put _____ .
19.Don’t worry. I won’t tell _____ about it.
20.I like volleyball. It’s _____ favourite sport.
21.Do you agree with _____ ?
22.Japan isn’t very big. Thailand is _____ .
23.As I waited for the test results, I became _____ .
24._____ before you say something.
25.It’s always freezing where I live. That’s why I _____ wear shorts outside.
26.‘Is the art gallery near here?’ ‘Yes, turn right _____ the intersection.’
27.Their parents were furious _____ them for making such a mess.
28.My brother likes chemistry, _____ he doesn’t like biology.
29.He took his laptop with him _____ he could do some work during his trip.
30.This book is full of _____correct information.
31.Thank you for your suggestions. They have been extremely help_____ .
32.If you _____ water, it _____ to steam.
33.This was your fault. If _____ slower, the crash wouldn’t have occurred.
34.Change the following sentence into a question: You enjoy the movie. (How about her?)
35._____ did you stay last night? In the city centre.

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